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    WOD 10.26.16

    I have had a lot of great questions regarding the nutrition class! I wanted to address a few questions that we have come across. Truth be told we can all alter our eating habits! 🙂
    – This class is to help gain knowledge on food and how much to be eating [Quality / quantity] – This class is to help you judge how you feel [alert/fatigue] on a daily basis
    – This class is to help you hold yourself accountable to your goals
    – This class is to help answer all the hard questions so you don’t have to figure it out alone
    – This class is to help make breakfast/lunch/dinner plans easier for the whole family

    I have opened the attendance for a larger group. If any of those things above is something you may struggle with please sign up. We are looking to help you with your goals … not hinder or judge you! Hope to see you there!

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    Back Squat

    15 min EMOM
    Min 1 – 9 Front SQ (#115/75)
    Min 2 – 18 Step ups (24”/20”)
    Min 3 – 9 Jumping C2B pull-up

    21, 15, 9 For Time
    Box Jump (24”/20”)
    Front SQ (#185/#120 – From ground)