Gym Etiquette

Ludington CrossFit’s Etiquette / Rules for Living

Our tribe has grown considerably in the last few months so we would like to take a little time to remind everyone what we expect from you while you’re a member at Ludington CrossFit.

1. Work Hard! In the words of ACDC, “It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n’ roll!” and nothing less than your best will get you there and we all want you to get there.

2. Support Others! Some people motivate with words, others by actions whatever your preferred method may be use it. This means cheering that last person on before you break down your bar and put it away. “Help others succeed and you will too”

3. Check your ego at the door! When beating somebody becomes more important than bettering yourself, you’re off track. Keep in mind a big ego is self-defeating, and it will more often tell you that you can’t.

4. Be Humble! What you take away from the WOD everyday is yours, you own it and not everyone needs to know how awesome you are (even though we think so too).

5. Respect the Gym! It’s not much but its ours, and how we treat it reflects our character. If you use chalk and make a mess clean it up, writing on the mat is fine just write lightly and small make it easy for us to mop up. If your effort pours out of you and you leave it all over the equipment wipe it down. If you decide to donate blood wipe down the bar or pull-up rig, and throw out any band-aids or tape.

6. Be self-aware! You know your body better than anyone and if something doesn’t feel right STOP! Let one of us know and we will scale the workout accordingly (that’s why we’re here). Take rest days they are absolutely necessary and you will be stronger for having taken them. If you feel yourself plateauing and have not changed your diet talk to one of us about what you can be doing differently (abs are made in the kitchen).

7. Actively Listen! The best athletes are those who listen closely. This often means turning down that voice inside your head.

8. Work your Weaknesses! Lets face it within CrossFit there are many things that we are not good at, take small bites and do the things you hate till you love them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help ( we live for that stuff). If sit-ups made you a better all-around athlete and gave you six-pack then professional athletes would be doing “8 minute abs”.